JIS 11th Grade student John Leiman developed pyrolysis that can process waste into fuel!

Posted September 17, 2019

JIS 11th Grade student John Leiman is passionate about the environment. Realizing that more needed to be done to preserve our precious Earth, he set out to use his skills and ingenuity to make a real difference for the current and future generations. The result is truly inspiring. In collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of companies specializing in waste management, John developed an effective, cost-efficient pyrolysis that can process waste into fuel!

This oxygen-free pyrolysis technology can recycle plastic waste safely, converting 87 percent of it into usable energy and leaving the remaining 13 percent as black carbon, which can then be used for pigment or as filler for the tire industry. The ultimate goal for this innovative collaboration is to eventually create a 100 percent Circular Economy in the use of plastic, one that recycles its waste back into its original form and into usable clean energy that is completely safe for the environment.

JIS’s enriched learning environment and it's excellence science program has led into John’s deep enthusiasm in chemistry as well as plastic waste management project. Please join us in giving John a rousing round of applause for this outstanding achievement! We’re in awe of his resilience and resourcefulness, and immensely proud to have him as part of the Dragon community!