Acceptable Use Policy

The JISNet (email, Intranet, Internet, LMS Resources, hardware, software, etc.) is designed to directly support and enhance the instructional program. It also functions to foster communication between and among all JIS employees. The use of this instructional and administrative tool must be limited to activities that directly strengthen curriculum and divisional communications.

JIS has adopted this policy for use of the JISNet. By using the JISNet users will be held accountable to this policy.


  • The viewing or distribution of information or material that is obscene, pornographic, or derogatory to others will not be tolerated.
  • All forms of cyber bullying (harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, sending / posting inappropriate or hurtful messages through e-mail, chat, SMS, images or Web sites) are unacceptable.
  • Streaming / downloading large media files for non-instructional use during school hours are forbidden.
  • Users of JISNet resources are personally responsible for compliance with Indonesian law.
  • JISNet resources may not used for private gain or for political activities unless otherwise sanctioned.
  • JIS will reasonably ensure personal data is secured. JIS reserves the right to monitor and investigate any data on the JISNet to ensure maximum educational availability of JISNet resources. All users are subject to the JIS Privacy Policy.
  • Plagiarism of any material obtained from the Internet and used in school work must have the source cited correctly.

JISNet users who feel that they have been the victims of misuse of technology should not erase the offending material from the system and immediately report the incident to a teacher or school administrator. All reports of harassments in cyberspace will be investigated fully. Student sanctions may include, but are not limited to, the loss of computer privileges, detention, suspension, or expulsion from school.

Email Guidelines:

  • Write messages that are brief and succinct.
  • Avoid broadcasting messages to all faculty or students. Please seek the approval of an Administrator if it is necessary.
  • Send only to those who have a need to know (avoid copying others to make a point).
  • Give ample time (at least 24 hours) for response to an email.
  • The use of BCC: (Blind Carbon/Courtesy Copy) is discouraged for school related messages.
  • JIS employees should place advertisements (e.g. items for sale) on the JISNet Discussion Boards - do not email all faculty.
  • Excessive emails from a parent or guardian to a member of the JIS Faculty should be reported an administrator.

JIS Faculty Technology Expectations:

  • Know how to post assignments on the JISNet (Teachers Web Pages or Course Postings) when requested. Faculty should know how to accomplish this from both on the JIS network and from home.
  • Check their JIS email account on a regular basis (at least once a day during a school day).
  • Know how to operate the network phone system and check their voice mail messages.
  • Complete electronic attendance on a daily basis for each scheduled class period/homeroom.
  • Utilize the JIS electronic reporting system during the scheduled reporting periods.
  • Enter units to be covered in the JIS curriculum system.