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Choosing JIS is foremost a commitment to children and student learning. However, you’ll quickly discover that your growth matters to us, too. At JIS, you will become a better professional. That's our commitment to you.

Different schools offer different things. JIS will offer you the best on many levels –including generous resources to support your career and lifestyle in a city that is as edgy and chaotic as it is wonderful and diverse. As well, the savings potential in our package allows you to spend more time exploring the riches of this region than budgeting for taxes or next month's expenses. 

What JIS really supports most passionately, though, is the learner in you who wants to grow, collaborate, rethink, excel, and stretch beyond your personal and professional experiences thus far. A culture of professional learning that includes embedded training, vibrant professional learning communities, the support of learning coaches and ample opportunities for global and local conference attendance makes this a reality.

Boil it down and it's the relationships that transform us most as educators at Jakarta Intercultural School. Connections between faculty, students, parents and the Indonesian culture make an imprint that marks us for the rest of our careers.  Ask around, and you will hear the stories from our current and former colleagues who will gladly fill you in on the details.  

JIS extends a unique gift to like-minded people: a culture where you can be a highly qualified professional and an inspired and honest learner at the same time. Imagine the impact of a culture like that on your teaching and your life."


Nicholas Kent

Deputy Head of School for Learning


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