Your Transition Experience


Support & Activities for Faculty Transition to JIS

  • Airport welcome and hotel transfer for a week of Orientation

  • Orientation of new faculty cohort to JIS, Jakarta and Indonesia: hosted at a Jakarta hotel and includes reception, meals, introductions, excursions, children's program as needed, cultural orientation, government paperwork support, settling-in allowance.

  • Orientation to JIS Housing: transfer to furnished homes, introduction to household staff, temporary JIS transport, household shopping, and general settling in.

  • Orientation to JIS Campus, Classroom and Community: classroom preparations and campus tours; groups and divisional meetings; student orientations for dependents; receptions and meals with returning staff and administration; pre-academic year professional development; ongoing temporary JIS transport.

JIS wants your transition to be acknowledged, supported and wrapped in community welcome. While the stress of a major move is unavoidable and unmet needs may cause concern, our Orientation Program for faculty aims to take care of you and yours in ways that set the stage for an exceptional professional and personal story in Jakarta.