Child Safeguarding

Jakarta Intercultural School has an institutional responsibility to protect children. In this role we need to ensure that all children in our care are afforded a safe and secure environment in which to grow and develop, no matter what cultural background they come from. JIS endorses the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which our host country, Indonesia, is a signatory.

Upon enrolment, parents and students will be provided with the complete Child Safeguarding Policy. Below is the Child Wellness Covenant by which all JIS parents / guardians are expected to abide as members of our community.

JIS Child Wellness Covenant

We acknowledge that by enrolling our children at JIS, we understand the values embedded in the school’s mission and learning dispositions. We also recognize the importance of these values in the education of our children, and agree to reinforce these values at home. 

I / We undertake to:

  • Support the school’s Child Safeguarding Policy and guidelines on behavior and equal opportunities.
  • Be present in Jakarta, and if we must leave, arrange a temporary guardian for our child/children, and inform the school of those arrangements, including emergency contact information, through a signed Parent Absence Notification form. This temporary guardian must be able to serve in the capacity of in loco parentis, with full authority to make parental decisions to ensure appropriate supervision and to respond to a medical emergency.
  • Share in the responsibility to bring forth information that supports JIS’s Child Safeguarding Policy.