Annual school fees consist of mandatory enrollment, tuition, and capital fees. 

Please refer to the downloadable fee schedule on the right hand column of this page for full terms and conditions.

From the 2015/16 school year onward, all fees will be denominated and payable in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) in accordance with new regulations from the Bank of Indonesia.

Application fees are not included in the sponsorship agreement and must be settled in full in order for an application to be considered complete. Only completed applications are included in the JIS applicant pool. 

JIS annual fees are composed of the compulsory enrollment, tuition and capital fees. An annual transport (bus) fee will be charged for those wishing to make use of school transport. Supplementary fees for optional expenses such as travel to represent the school in sport, cultural or creative arts activities; external examinations; rental of musical instruments; and other similar expenses will be invoiced separately. 

Students offered admission must confirm acceptance of the offer within 14 days. The parents or sponsoring organization will be invoiced within 5 working days of acceptance. A non-refundable enrollment fee must be paid in order to guarantee a student's seat at JIS. 

All fees are payable in advance and are due on or before the student's first day in school. After the first day of school, fees become outstanding and begin incurring interest. An interest rate of two percent per month will be charged on the outstanding fee balance for all late payments. Student whose fees have not been paid may not attend school and risk losing their seat in their grade/program/campus.

Students whose school fees will be sponsored by an organization must submit a Letter Of Sponsorship at the time of application.

Parents are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that their financial obligations to the school are met in full and on a timely basis, even if they are being sponsored by an employer. In the event that a sponsoring organization fails to pay the fees on behalf of students, for any reason, the school will look to the parents for full settlement of any outstanding obligations.

The full list of Terms and Conditions including the Refunds Policy may be viewed here.  

Questions & Comments

Questions and comments regarding tuition or fee payments should be addressed in writing to the Accounts Receivable Officer ().