3 Steps to JIS Admission

Whether you're crossing oceans to move to Jakarta or are just a short drive away, choosing a school can be stressful. Our admissions process is simple, personal and convenient. You can spend less time worrying about requirements and more time discovering how learning happens at JIS.

After completing the 3 Steps to Admission, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine if JIS can offer admission.  


The first step is to submit an application. Take your time and don't rush this process. You can start an application then save and return to it at your convenience.


Here are some reminders for a smooth and easy application:

Submitting an Application
  • The JIS Online Application should be completed by the applicant's parents or legal guardian. Applications submitted by other persons will be void.
  • Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers on a desktop or laptop. Please do not use Internet Explorer or a mobile device.
  • Fill in each field accurately and completely
  • First Email the JIS Admissions Office. Do not start a new application.

If you need help in submitting your application, please email or call us at +62 21 7692555. Appointment hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM, +7 GMT

What's Next?

The Application Review

Our Admissions Committee takes time to carefully understand each child's particular strengths, challenges and dispositions.


An application will not be considered for admission until the three Steps to Applying, as outlined above, are completed. 

Decisions for applications in Lane 3 (local transfers) are released starting April 1.

When school is in session, the expected process time for Lanes 1 and 2 is at least 7 working days from the date of completion

If additional information or evaluations are required or if an application is completed when school is not in session, review times are extended. The Admissions Office will inform you if a review will take longer than expected.


Admission decisions are made by the JIS Admissions Committee, guided by the JIS Admissions Policy and School Wide Inclusion Policy.

Offer of Placement
If JIS has the programs and capacity to fully meet your child's learning needs, you will receive an Offer of Admission from the Head of Admissions. You must respond within 14 calendar days. Unconfirmed Offers of Admission will be rescinded and the seat held for the applicant will be released to our wait pool.

After accepting our offer of admission, you will receive a checklist outlining your steps for Enrollment as well as an invoice for all associated costs. Enrollment is the final process in your child's admission to JIS.

Wait Pool

If JIS has the programs but not the capacity to fully meet an applicant's learning needs, the application will join the wait pool. Priority in the wait pool follows priority for application lanes.  If a seat becomes available, parents will receive an Offer of Admission as outlined in the previous section.

Families in the wait pool will be informed if JIS becomes certain that no offer of admission will be possible for the current school year.  

The wait pool does not carry over into the next school year. A new application must be submitted.

An applicant may be denied admission when there are concerns about academics, dispositions, behavior, social or emotional stability, when English language proficiency is not commensurate with the grade level of application, or when JIS is unable to offer a program to adequately meet the student’s learning needs.


The JIS Enrollment Process is designed to help new students and families transition smoothly into the JIS community

We know that moving to a new school, especially a school as large and complex as JIS can be quite confusing. To best help you navigate your new community, we have prepared the following orientation and registration programs:

Enrollment Visit.
After you accept our Offer of Admission, you will be invited to the Admissions Office, to collect your enrollment materials and to register for services. This is a requirement for joining orientations, course selections and for starting school

Campus Orientations
This orientation, organized per campus, is an overview of how learning happens at JIS as well as practical information about student life.

Technology Orientations
The JIS Technology Department organizes this orientation to explain agreements and expectations on use of technology at JIS. Laptops will also be distributed to learners in Grades 6 to 12. This is on the same day as Campus Orientations.

Course Selections
Shortly before the start of school, new students and parents in Grades 6 to 12 will meet with their counselor to select courses. Your campus will inform you of your Course Selection appointment after you complete your Enrollment Visit

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