Admissions Guidelines

Schoolwide Admissions Policy 

JIS welcomes learners who can benefit from and contribute to a high-quality elementary to secondary university preparatory curriculum. 

Schoolwide Inclusion Policy
JIS strives to be an inclusive school, serving students with diverse education needs. 
JIS can offer places at each grade level to a limited number of students who require support services. Areas of support include: speech and language services (elementary only), academic support, classroom guidance and individual counseling.
 Admission is contingent on a match between the student's needs and the level of services available. 

The admission of any student with identified needs (language or learning) is determined on a case-by-case basis using multiple sources of information, such as school records, evaluations, Individual Learning Plans and in some cases an interview.

JIS is not able to enroll students who require one-to-one support, shadow teaching, self-contained classrooms or whose behavior present as a safety concern, such as being a danger to themselves or to others.  

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